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Our Company

At Bearfish, a customer’s experience is our top priority, starting with the first point of contact. We pride ourselves on supplying customers with the very finest fresh and frozen seafood sourced from world-renowned seafood markets in Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. From catch to customer, personalized service and custom order fulfillment are uniquely Bearfish.

Our Story

Bernt Petersen, Bearfish, values an old-fashioned handshake, good-faith business practices, and cultivating long-term relationships with customers. Bernt has over 35 years of experience in the seafood industry. Internationally he has worked with LIDL and ALDI supermarkets across Europe, Costco in the UK, and seafood markets throughout Japan and Korea. Bernt has built his reputation and company on trust, integrity, professionalism and stellar service.

Do you need a specialty in

Scandinavian or Mediterranean Seafood?