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European Sea Bass

European Sea Bass: Dicentrarchus labrax - fresh

The European Seabass, also known as Branzino, is one of the most prized fish in Europe and is the most common Mediterranean fish found in North America. Seabass can be caught or farmed. Our Sea Bass, however, is farmed using conscientious and sustainable aquaculture techniques.


European Sea Bass Dicentrarchus labrax
Fish size 200-1000g+
Catching Area: Farmed in Turkey
Availability: All year
Products offered:  Whole: 200/300g, 300/400g, 400/600g, 600g +
  Gutted: 300/400g, 400/600g, 600/ 800g, 800g+
  Fillet: 50/70g, 70/90g, 90/110g, 110g + (fillet cut by request)
Packaging: Whole/ Gutted: 6kg, 10kg, 17kg
  Fillet: as requested


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