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Gambero Rosso - frozen

Gambero Rosso: Aristoeomorpfa foliacea  - frozen

This red shrimp is one of the most unique crustaceans in the world, making it very sought after. Our Gambero Rosso is caught in the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea. The Gambero Rosso separates itself by having the richest flavor and one of a kind melt in your mouth textures.  


Gambero Rosso Aristoeomorpfa foliacea
Fish size

10-80 pieces per kilo

Catching Area: FAO 37
Availability: 15 February-15 July
Products offered:  10/15, 15/25, 25/40, 40/60, 60/80 (head off -peeled)
Packaging: 1kg pack land frozen in 24 hours


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