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Why do business with Bearfish?

At Bearfish we specialize in supplying the very finest Scandinavian and Mediterranean seafood from two world-renowned seafood markets. With over 35 years of industry experience Bearfish maintains a vast network of long-standing partnerships across its supply chain to secure the world’s best seafood for its customers. 

Bernt Petersen is personally involved in every order to ensure a superior customer experience, the hallmark of Bearfish. In a highly competitive and complex industry, we have been able to deliver a level of service that is unique in the marketplace and satisfying to our customers. 

At Bearfish, every order is a custom order. Small or large, we customize your order to ensure your needs are met, within precise specifications.

Service commitment


  • At Bearfish we supply our customers with superior quality fresh or frozen seafood from world renowned markets in Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. 
  • Our customers can expect personalized customer service starting with the very first call or email. All orders are customized to meet client-specific needs and personally overseen by Bernt Petersen. 
  • Bearfish leverages over 35 years of industry knowledge, experience and supply chain partnerships to ensure the highest levels of product safety and quality from catch to delivery.
  • We deliver products on time at competitive prices via ground, air and sea. We want our customers to buy with ease and confidence in order to develop a long lasting and mutually rewarding relationship.

Quality control


  • Here at Bearfish we maintain full control of our supply chain, from catch to customer. Handling practices, storage times, and delivery efficiency are meticulously managed and measured to ensure product safety and superior quality. 

Order Customization


  • We specialize in order customization to ensure our customer needs are met within precise product quantities and preparatory specifications. At Bearfish, there are no “minimum quantity orders”.  Every order, small to large, is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.  


We collaborate with supply chain suppliers and processors that support sustainable sourcing practices in order to deliver safe seafood products, while protecting target seafood species and the ecosystem.


Do you need a specialty in

Scandinavian or Mediterranean Seafood?